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Your Company Management Must Have These Features…!!!

Your Company Management Must Have These Features…!!!

In the light of the above discussion and definition, basic features of management can be identified which are as follows:

  1. Organised Activities.

Management is a process of organised activities. Without organised activities, two groups of people cannot be involved in the performance of activities. Where a group of people are involved in working towards a common objective, management comes into existence. The organised activities may take a variety of forms ranging from a tightly structured organisation to a very loosely-knit organisation. It can be a company like Tata Iron and Steel Company or a local social club. But all organisations have one thing in common; they want to progress efficiently towards the achievement of their objectives, through the coordinated efforts of people. This is done by management process. Therefore, where a single individual pursues his personal objectives, management has no operational meaning. However, when an attempt is made to channel the individual’s quest for personal objectives along the lines that contribute to the overall objectives of the group, management becomes the means by which the random action is controlled.

  1. Existence Of Objectives.

An objective or set of objectives should exist towards which the organised group activities are directed. Without objectives, it becomes difficult to define the direction where organised group activities would lead to. The existence of objectives is a basic criterion of every human organisation because all organisations are deliberate and purpose creation and, therefore, they should have some objectives. The objectives are agreed upon by the members of the group or the organisation. The organisational objectives are the desired state of affairs which an organisation attempts to realize. This realization of objectives is sought through the coordinated efforts of the people constituting an organisation.

  1. Relationship Among Resources.

Organised activities meant to achieve common goals are brought about to establish certain relationships among the available resources, Resources include money, machine, materials, and people. All these resources are made available to those who manage; they apply knowledge, experience, principles for getting the desired results Thus, the essence of management is integration of various organisational resources. However, since people at operative level do the things by the use of various physical and other resources, it is more important for The management to take care of integration of human resources. Thus, management is concerned with the proper utilization of human resources which, in turn, utilize other resources.

  1. Working With And Through People.

Management involves working with people and getting organisational objectives achieved through them. The idea of working through people is interpreted in terms of assigning activities to subordinates. The superior-subordinate relationships are created because of organised activities. Through the process of assignment and reassignment of activities, the actual work is performed by people at the operative level which is the lowest level in an organisation. Thus, a sizable proportion of management principles relates to how human beings can be put for better efforts in the organisation.

  1. Decision-Making.

Management process involves decision-making at various levels for getting things done by others. Decision-making basically involves selecting the most appropriate alternative out of the several. If there is only one alternative, the question of decision-making does not arise. The quality of alternative which a manager selects determines the organisation’s performance, and the entire future of the organisation rests on the degree to which the right decisions are made by managers. Therefore, the success or failure of managers can be judged by the quality of decisions that they make features of management.

There are various elements of management process. These are generally classified as planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The coordinated performance of these leads to the realization of organisational objectives. This aspect of management process will be discussed further in blog post.

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