Empower Yourself With Time Management

A Quick Overview About Time management

Create a time audit

First things first: start by finding out where your time goes throughout the day. There is often a big discrepancy between your subjective time and reality.

Before meetings, determine your desired results

Have a clear purpose in mind before starting meetings. Your team will waste less time by getting back to work as soon as you meet your agenda.

Put a time limit on tasks

Take another look at your time audit and identify tasks that take longer than you expect.

Plan your week on Sunday

Walking into work with a plan for the week will help you focus on priorities.

Create a daily plan

Use the first 30 minutes of your day to create a daily to-do list that suits your weekly plan.

Add a “done list” to your to-do list.

Sometimes, unexpected tasks just pop up during the day. Jot them down in a separate list next to your to-dos for some extra satisfaction at the end of the day.

Block out distractions

Use your computer’s “do not disturb” function when working on focused tasks.

Don’t multitask

Researchers have disproven the multitasking myth. If you believe you can do many things at once and maintain your quality standards.

Organize your email

The best way to speed up email communication and waste less time on superfluous exchanges is to organize your inbox.

Train the other side of your brain

Engage in hobbies to engage the parts of your brain that you don’t use at work. You’ll solve problems faster and have more creativity at your disposal.

Exercise often

Researchers have shown that short and intense exercise sessions can be as beneficial as longer ones. Set some time aside for short workouts – at least every other day.

Use your calendar

Use your calendar to keep track of deadlines, block times off for focused work, and automatically add locations to events.

Irshant Gautam

Want to Manage Your Time Effectively ?

Everyone procrastinates to some degree. With today’s busy schedules and the need for instant gratification, everyone has too much to do and too little time. The most successful people understand that the quality of their time management often determines the quality of their life. But what is time management and how do you conquer it?

Many people think that time management is only a business tool, like a calculator or cell phone. The truth is, time is your most precious resource. Effective time management is the act of taking a moment to think about your time before you spend it to increase your productivity and achieve work-life balance.

Fortunately, there are tons of effective time management tools, tips, and techniques that have been developed over the years. I have spent the past 30+ years studying the importance of time management and creating some techniques of my own. You can use what you learn from my programs and books immediately to become an expert in time management and productivity.

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