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A Quick Overview About public speaking


When it comes to public speaking, confidence is key (not the only key mind you). When speaking in public, it’s only natural to be nervous.


There’s no need to attempt to ‘practice’ sincerity by practicing your speech with a raised voice and waving arms.

Be Yourself

It’s no surprise that the number of articles that mention the word “authenticity” in the headlines has dramatically risen. Authenticity is important. 

Voice Modulations

o practice proper cadence, record yourself giving your speech and listen to it later. You’ll be able to tell exactly when and where you start to sound inauthentic.

Keep it Short and Sweet

The main purpose of delivering a speech is to attempt to get your point across, and that might not require a whole hour. 

Connect with your Audience

It’s no surprise that the number of articles that mention the word “authenticity” in the headlines has dramatically risen. Authenticity is important.

Paint a Picture Through Storytelling

The best presentations don’t feel like presentations, they are simply stories told by people with interesting experiences.


Repetition can help ensure your audience takes the main points away from your presentation. It promotes clarity and helps to encourage acceptance of an idea.

Don’t Just Practice, Practice, Practice

Take into account your environment when you practice and always practice as if you’re giving your presentation to a group of people.

Care About Your Topic

Passion goes a long way when it comes to being an effective speaker. The audience can tell if you’re apathetic.

Remember Your Speaking Goal

We’ve all probably listened to at least one speaker who seemed to go on and on forever about nothing in particular. One reason why this happens is because the speech isn’t focused enough. 

Support Your Main Points

Every point you make in your speech needs to be supported with either an example, an illustration, or facts. When you’re supporting a point, it’s best to be as specific as you can be.

Irshant Gautam

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Effective public speaking is a learned skill. It’s not something you’re born with, or only for outgoing people. With public speaking courses and expertise from me, you can spread your message and even turn public speaking into a successful business.

Your ability to communicate effectively accounts for 85% of your success in business and in life. I started out speaking to 7 people. I have built a wonderful public speaking career.

I can share with you the very same public speaking tips and tactics I’ve personally used to deliver. You can use what you learn from my public speaking courses immediately to gain effective presentation skills and ultimately elevate your career.

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