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Businessman Vs Entrepreneur

Businessman Vs Entrepreneur

A businessman is a person who do same kind of business which is already exist in the market but on the other hand an entrepreneur on a person who always try to find new business which help people to solve their problem. Most of the people think that both are same and there is nothing difference between them.

A businessman person run the business with the same idea which other people or business man have in the market or sometime they have same kind product & services with simile prices.

An Entrepreneur is not always remain entrepreneur after sometime as they getting old in the market they also become businessman because other people also getting started the same business which was started or found bu the entrepreneur some back in time.

Let’s See Businessman Vs Entrepreneur
1. Cart Comparison
2. Definition
3. Conclusion

Cart Comparison

Basic meaning A businessman is a person who set up same kind of business which is already exit in market. An entrepreneur is a person who starts a business with a very new idea in market.
Market Positing Business are market player They are market leader
Their Nature They take calculative action They are intuitive
Their Market They have create there place in existing market They are the creators of market
Risk They have less risk They have high on risk side
Work Method Conventional Unconventional
Approach Holistic Atomistic
Their Orientation Profit seeker People oriented
Competition Very high on competition Very low competition


Definition of Businessman and Entrepreneur

A business who is doing any business just for making profit. They enter as new player in market with existent business. We have also notice that business do not have their original idea for doing business.

A businessman face tough competition as he is not only person who is doing same business in the market. Although the risk factor is very low because that particular business idea already exist in market and have huge demand also.

A entrepreneur is a person who bring new idea, introduce it, work hard for it and make new market for it. He is the person who take high risk and uncertainty of the business. They call their business as startup company, which is full of innovative idea and business process. They are leaders in untapped market. Entrepreneur are known for their creative ideas and approaches. They always offer something to the world which makes some changes in market and consumer life.


A businessman is always been a businessman they always work for profit. But an entrepreneur is an organizer, risk taker, a manager at the same time.

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